Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Youtube Roundup

Finally! I was supposed to finish this post two days ago, whoops! My excuse is that it was my birthday.  Anyways, most of these posts are new videos that go along with articles from loom knitters circle! These are great, especially Bethany Dailey's bind off/cast off comparison.

Today's videos will show you:

  • Chain lace stitch
  • Bind off / cast off comparison for loom knitting
  • slip one knit one pass over slipped stitch
The chain lace stitch looks really nice. It would be huge if you used a knifty knitter, though. I love it, otherwise! Bethany Dailey is great!

I was looking for an article on this for a long time, since I have been looking for ways to make my cast on look like my bind off, especially for panel knitting! This has been needed for a long time!

Slip one knit one pass slipped stitch over, (skp, skpo, or s1k1psso) is a  decrease that slants to the left.  Most people just do a slip slip knit nowadays to make a left decrease, but this is an alternative way to do it, if you're curious.  It will yield the same results as an ssk, however.  If you've ever looked at of Isela Phelp's patterns, or older loom knit patterns, you can still find s1k1psso, so now you'll know how to do it! You do this when you do the common knit cast-off.

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