Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekday Youtube Linkage III

Woo! After a blogging mini-break, I am ready to start up again! This weekend consisted of me doing the daisy stitch on needles and wondering how to transpose it on a loom.  I'm really close to figuring it out, but it still doesn't look exactly right.  It's definitely much more easy to do it on needles though.

Anyway, this week you will learn:

  • Little bow stitch (Isela Phelps is great!) - Mariposita stitch
  • Rib stitch for double knitting on long looms
  • Creating a triangle shawl with GoodKnitKisses

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Socks on Saturday

I used to be scared of non-hat projects.  I've made a headband, a gazillion hats, a few scarves. Lately I've just been experimenting with patterns and lace, but I decided I needed to make other things

I actually made these socks a few weeks ago. I googled up a few different patterns, and looked for what people had to say on loom knitting socks. As you can see, it went pretty well. Using a knitting loom only took me a few hours to make one sock.

These are not the ideal yarns to use, but I just wanted to see how easy it was to make a sock.
Despite the fact that this is bulky, I can see myself knitting more socks in the future.

I don't care what non-loomers say.  Socks on looms are RIDICULOUSLY easy.  You are knitting in the round, and the only thing you have to learn how to do is short rows, where you knit part of the loom for a few rows before joining them up.  You can use the zig-zag stitch or kitchener stitch to sew up the toe and voila! A sock!

Finer gauge looms will look even more amazing, but these looms will save you time rather than knitting with double pointed needles.  I actually found this really fun.  Scarves can get annoying at times, unless you're double knitting.

Also, yes I haven't threaded my work to finish because I'm probably going to frog them to do other stuff/experiments (nothing that has anything to do with hats or headbands, of course).

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekday Youtube Linkage II

I have been remiss on these video posts! These are the easiest posts I make!

Today you will find:
  • How to knit a twisted keyhole scarf (very fashionable)
  • Two-colour brioche stitch on the round loom!
  • Slip with yarn in front (sl wyif)
I tried out the brioche stitch, and I absolutely love it. Every time I see using two colours in a project, I immediately turn all nerdy and think about how great it would look if I knit it in Harry Potter colours (blue and bronze for me - GO RAVENCLAW!), and I see myself getting broke in the near future.

Right side
wrong side - still looking good nonetheless

Onto those links!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stitch guide open AND Lace hat preview - patterns coming soon

WOO! I started the basic stitch guide (look for it as a link on your right!) The first page I did talks about the difference between the two knit stitches loomers use; the twisted stockinette and stockinette (normal).  Yeah, I know people know, but I just wanted to reiterate the stuff that's already been said.  It takes a bit of time for me to write these things and take pictures, so I don't know how long it'll take me to do the other ones.


I have 2 lace knitting patterns I will post! I debated the second hat, because it's so pretty...and I forgot how I did the pattern. I still don't remember one row, so I will be posting that one second!

Anyway, these 2 patterns will be coming your way soon, loom knitters! I knitted them both on the 41-peg loom, but they are easily able to be done (and more symmetrical) on the 40-peg looms. Apparently no one is able to fit into anything I make on a 36-peg loom unless you want your ears smashed, or have the hat zooming off your head.

Zig-zag Spring hat
I don't know why, but this is such a simple hat, and this pattern really gets to me. I really love it for its simplicity, and I hope you love it too!

Intricate lace hat
I am bad at names, maybe I should start posting pictures on my twitter and asking people what I should name these things.  This name is deceptive because it's a ridiculously easy hat to knit.

Lace tip - getting your yarn overs to look like regular knitting

So I've been experimenting with lace lately. Well, no, not lately. I started knitting with needles and crocheting too, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  I tried to mention in my last post about getting really nice yarn overs.  So here I have a sample of knitting that has a regular yarn over that one would get with needle knitting, and the e-wrap yarn over commonly done in loom knitting.  There isn't much of a difference, but I think the e-wrap yarn over looks a little more messy (the knot is at the side, whereas a normal yarn over creates a nice twist) and is slightly smaller when you are making eyelets.

There are reasons why I do my yarn overs that are initially e-wrap instead of just laying the yarn in front of the peg. For one, they are loose and easy to knit, whereas just laying the yarn in front of the peg may become too tight. Even if you leave space and do it loosely, the more you knit, the more you pull on the working yarn, so it's easier to just leave it as an e-wrap and unravel it later on.  This method provides the cleanest looking eyelets, and it doesn't take long at all! If you want your loom knitting to look like needle knitting, this is it.

I hope this tip helps!  Proceed onto the pictures for your perusal.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lace tips..coming soon... with pics

I know I have non-English people reading my site (Hiya!) so I will post some pictures soon.

I've really been experimenting with lace. I've also found some quick tips that I may be able to post over Easter weekend.

Firstly, when you're making eyelets, whether you're doing ssk (decrease to left) or k2tog (decrease to right), and then doing your yarn overs (yo) for lace, the yo is an e-wrap.  When they tell you to knit over the peg that you e-wrapped the row before, you should unravel the e-wrap and knit it over like a flat stockinette stitch, I've noticed that if you don't do this, your eyelets don't look like they're knitted together.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekday Youtube Linkage

I see that people like my links to youtube videos! I do take some time searching for these.

Today, learn how to:

  • pick up a dropped knit stitch
  • pick up a dropped purl stitch
  • knit 1 colour on 1 side for double knitting
Let's get to it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Woven herringbone

I was so stressed this week. I was also trying to transpose the daisy stitch to the loom but couldn't for the life of me figure it out. So I tried something easier and ta dah! I just transposed the stitch from the Knitting on the Net stitch database

Woven Herringbone: Multiple of 4 + 2
Row 1: k2, *sl2 wyif; rep from *
Row 2: k1, *sl2 wyif, k2; rep from *, end k1
Row 3: sl2 wyif, *k2, sl2 wyif; rep from *
Row 4: k3, *sl2 wyif, k2; rep from *, end last rep k1 instead of k2
Rows 5-12: Rep row 1-4 twice
Row 13: Rep row 3
Rep 14: Rep row 2
Row 15: Rep row 1
Row 16: Rep row 4
Rows 17-24: Reps row 13-16 twice

NOTE:  To do sl wyif, slip stitch with yarn in front, lift the peg in which you are supposed to be slipping your stitch, and bring the working yarn behind the peg, and then put your stitch back on the peg.

It's a pretty dense pattern, and if anyone needs help, I'll post pics in 2 weeks.