Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Youtube Link Tag

I don't think I could keep this up every Saturday, but maybe every other weekend would be sufficient. Anyways, here are some simple youtube videos that I think can be very useful when you're starting out!  I haven't found a short and simple tutorial about the stockinette stitch, which is a shame though. Anyways, check out the full page to view my commentary.

  • Decreasing for hats with a 36-peg loom, so you won't have vulgar bunching atop your head
  • Chain cast-on - it's simple and quick - you can use them on round or rectangular looms
  • Purl stitches
This is a great tutorial especially for beginners.  If you hate twisted stockinette stitches, you can even do this with normal knit stitches.  If your hat is purled then you can do this in purl stitches too.  I made my sis a hat using this tutorial, and she found that the gaps between stitches were too pronounced at the first round of a decrease.  I found it less pronounced to only knit off 3 stitches for the first round, and then knitting off the other 3 in the next decrease round. Other than that, I followed the tutorial to a T.  You can use the same principles if you have a 41-peg round loom too. 

This is a great tutorial - when I first started out I really loved Mikey's tutorials, and I still do.  The chain cast-on can be done on the round looms or long looms.  I think I've only done the chains method for flat knits. It's definitely tighter than doing an e-wrap cast-on though.  If you don't know any other cast-on method yet, this is a good alternative if your work keeps catching on a hook or something because of that dastardly e-wrap cast-on.

This video isn't 5 stars. Well, I just wanted to show you purl stitches alone! I wish someone would make just a tutorial showing one stitch at a time, and a sample with only that stitch.  Anyway, enjoy! I just love how this tutorial isn't 6 minutes long.

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