Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toe-up cable booties

I made these earlier in the summer.  After successfully and easily finishing my 2-coloured sock, I wanted to try something else. I saw someone's toe-up sock (I'm sorry, I don't remember which blog it was), and I thought to myself, why not?

Sorry for the bad picture. Anyways, notice the weird bumps near the toe? Since I did a cast-on where the toes were, I found I had to knit over very loosely at the beginning so that my loops would eventually be able to be stretched over 24 pegs (I started at 12).  This could also be because the yarn didn't have a lot of give. I had extra baby yarn so I had to triple (or was it quadruple) knit with the loom.

This is different from a toe-down sock where you would stitch your sock closed at the toes.

I find the 24-peg loom pretty ugly for these cables; I guess big gauge socks are pretty ugly... but I guess using this loom would be okay for booties. 

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