Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Youtube Round-Up Comes Back for Some More!

I'm back! Long story short, a break from the internet became an even longer affair after those Olympics set in...and then the Paralympics.  I turned into a total sports zombie (even though I promised myself that I wouldn't go nuts during the Olympics again). Crazy sport-nut that I am, I was in bliss for a while.

Anyway, onto the links!  Today I go back to the basics! I love Isela Phelps.  Her videos are great, and they're pretty short, too!

  • Simple Crochet Bind Off
  • Basic Bind Off
  • Knit stitch (the normal one, not that e-wrap one)

I prefer this cast off to the basic knit bind off.  It tends to be less tight, and has more give.  I tend to do my bind-off too tight when I do the basic bind off.

The most basic method.  I don't like this cast-off, because I tend to knit too tight.  This method can also be used to cast-off a piece knit in the round (non-gather method), and there is a variation when you cast-off for double knitting, using the long looms. I won't go into that, but youtube definitely has that.

The normal knit (stockinette) stitch. This is what knitters refer to when knitting on needles.  I know that the quick way of knitting is to just lay your working yarn across the pegs, but it's a bad idea if you want to keep knitting the stockinette stitch, because there will be too much tension. I did that the first time I learned it, and snapped my knitting hook. I couldn't get a replacement for a while and did what hockey players do, and taped it up.  Please notice the "L" shape of the yarn around the pegs. That is to make sure your tension isn't too tight.


In my CLK stitch guide, I mention that the knit stitch can be done two ways with the same results.  Back in the early loom knitting internets, people did the knit stitch in a way that was opposite of the purl stitch, before someone realized you could just bring the loop yarn over your working yarn. Some people claim that they do this to keep your knit stitches pretty even, but my knitting hasn't seen a difference. 

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