Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lace tips..coming soon... with pics

I know I have non-English people reading my site (Hiya!) so I will post some pictures soon.

I've really been experimenting with lace. I've also found some quick tips that I may be able to post over Easter weekend.

Firstly, when you're making eyelets, whether you're doing ssk (decrease to left) or k2tog (decrease to right), and then doing your yarn overs (yo) for lace, the yo is an e-wrap.  When they tell you to knit over the peg that you e-wrapped the row before, you should unravel the e-wrap and knit it over like a flat stockinette stitch, I've noticed that if you don't do this, your eyelets don't look like they're knitted together.

In my past lace scarf , I knitted over the e-wrap, so you can see 2 distinct strands of yarn every eyelet. It's a bit messy, so if you don't like that, you need to unravel the e-wrap and knit over that.

Also, I will explain why lace looks nice when you to lift some stitches off of your pegs when you do decreases... It really looks more beautiful that way.

PS Happy Easter Weekend!

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