Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekday Youtube Linkage

I see that people like my links to youtube videos! I do take some time searching for these.

Today, learn how to:

  • pick up a dropped knit stitch
  • pick up a dropped purl stitch
  • knit 1 colour on 1 side for double knitting
Let's get to it!

Isela Phelps has good videos! This is for picking up a dropped stitch.  She is referring to a stockinette stitch, not an e-wrap twisted stockinette stitch. They're nearly the same, but sometimes I find it really annoying to pick up dropped e-wrap stitches (you need to twist the loops again!)

Isela Phelps shows us picking up a purl stitch. Instead of the knit stitch, where you pick up the stitch on the right side, you pick up the knit stitch on the wrong side (hence a purl on the right side) - I hope I'm not confusing you!  This is quite useful, especially if you drop as many stitches as I. This usually happens when I'm making cables or lace knits.

This is great for long looms! The video is extremely long for some odd reason. You don't need to watch the whole thing, just skip to the middle. Ah, this would be great for pattern making!

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