Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekday Youtube Linkage II

I have been remiss on these video posts! These are the easiest posts I make!

Today you will find:
  • How to knit a twisted keyhole scarf (very fashionable)
  • Two-colour brioche stitch on the round loom!
  • Slip with yarn in front (sl wyif)
I tried out the brioche stitch, and I absolutely love it. Every time I see using two colours in a project, I immediately turn all nerdy and think about how great it would look if I knit it in Harry Potter colours (blue and bronze for me - GO RAVENCLAW!), and I see myself getting broke in the near future.

Right side
wrong side - still looking good nonetheless

Onto those links!

Kristen (GoodKnitKisses) always has good stuff! When I was starting out (and when I'm experimenting), I go back to a lot of her videos! This is such a chic scarf! Too bad it's springtime; I have no motivation to knit any warm scarves yet. Anyway, visit her on youtube to find all her other knitting stuff if you haven't already!

I am so excited for this video! I've been contemplating doing this stitch for a while, and didn't even realize it was called the brioche stitch. It's an awesome stitch! I am so glad Maria showed it! This video needs more hits.  It's quite long, and it doesn't have to be, but she also gives instructions in Spanish too.  Just cast-on loosely and then watch her do the first 3-4 rows and you'll be fine!  You can do this for flat-panels, and with only one colour too.

Slip with yarn in front (sl wyif)! I did it for the woven herringbone stitch a few weeks ago.  It's definitely a good technique to know. She does it succinctly, which is great!

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