Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekday Youtube Linkage III

Woo! After a blogging mini-break, I am ready to start up again! This weekend consisted of me doing the daisy stitch on needles and wondering how to transpose it on a loom.  I'm really close to figuring it out, but it still doesn't look exactly right.  It's definitely much more easy to do it on needles though.

Anyway, this week you will learn:

  • Little bow stitch (Isela Phelps is great!) - Mariposita stitch
  • Rib stitch for double knitting on long looms
  • Creating a triangle shawl with GoodKnitKisses

Great video. The only different thing is that this video could just be knitted over, instead of the older more elaborate way of doing the knit stitch.  It uses a slip with the yarn in front, which has been mentioned in previous posts of mine (Weekday Youtube Linkage II and Woven herringbone).  

The rib stitch is done quicker for double knitting on a loom, in my opinion.  It is totally different from knitting and purling that one does when they knit a hat or a flat, single panel.  

Learning how to knit a shawl.  Kristen Mangus from GoodKnitKisses uses the half-hitch stitch to increase her stitches. She's basically teaching you how to make a triangle, which is good if one wants to know how to make ear flaps.  I have yet to make a shawl, as I don't have yarn, but I am thinking of making one soon!

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