Saturday, April 21, 2012

Socks on Saturday

I used to be scared of non-hat projects.  I've made a headband, a gazillion hats, a few scarves. Lately I've just been experimenting with patterns and lace, but I decided I needed to make other things

I actually made these socks a few weeks ago. I googled up a few different patterns, and looked for what people had to say on loom knitting socks. As you can see, it went pretty well. Using a knitting loom only took me a few hours to make one sock.

These are not the ideal yarns to use, but I just wanted to see how easy it was to make a sock.
Despite the fact that this is bulky, I can see myself knitting more socks in the future.

I don't care what non-loomers say.  Socks on looms are RIDICULOUSLY easy.  You are knitting in the round, and the only thing you have to learn how to do is short rows, where you knit part of the loom for a few rows before joining them up.  You can use the zig-zag stitch or kitchener stitch to sew up the toe and voila! A sock!

Finer gauge looms will look even more amazing, but these looms will save you time rather than knitting with double pointed needles.  I actually found this really fun.  Scarves can get annoying at times, unless you're double knitting.

Also, yes I haven't threaded my work to finish because I'm probably going to frog them to do other stuff/experiments (nothing that has anything to do with hats or headbands, of course).

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